Food blessed my life!

I waited over 10 years before eating here!! I waited way too long. Food cooked to order, hot, fresh and FULL of distinct flavors. Better vegetarian dishes than I expected, especially lentils. And smiles everywhere.

Great Ethiopian

Dukem is an outstanding Ethiopian restaurant, and worth a visit.

Food is fantastic

Very good food. Was the first place I ever went for Ethiopian food. I have been to others since and it has still the the first and best.

Amazing Restaurant!!!

Best Ethiopian food I have had in DC. Food is excellent (try the combos--make sure to get one with tartare), although a bit pricey (about 15 per person). For what you are paying they do not give enough meat. But no worries--you will leave more than satisf

Pretty Good

I went to this place with a friend the other night. Pretty good food. Very tasty, and makes eating with your hands fun, thanks to the injera bread (kind of like a spongy pita)!

All Good Things Dukem.

One thing I must say places Washington, DC, high on my list is the selection of Ethiopian restaurants. Duke Ethiopian Restaurant ranks at the very top for me. That is the man reason why I continue to return whenever I am in DC. I met with two friends and yet again, satisfaction was on the menu, disappointment was in someone else's backyard. Delicious sats, succulent tibs, and injera bread to pick it all up and scoop into our mouths: that's what it was all about this day. Hello, again, Dukem.

I like Dukem

My college-aged daughter, who's a vegetarian living in Florida, remembered Dukem from when she was visiting D.C. on a high school field trip. So when we were in town for a funeral a while back, she HAD to return to Dukem, because there's just not a lot of choice for fans of Ethiopian food on the Gulf Coast. It's great that Ethiopian food is so veggo-friendly.

I like Dukem, but I've liked every Ethiopian restaurant I've been to, starting during MY university days during the early 1980s when the only places you could find that cuisine was on the "Ethiopian row" in Adams-Morgan where Meskerem and Awash are. Holy Haile Selasse are there a lot of Ethopian restaurants in D.C. now! Dukem's not as funky with its decor as most of the Ethiopian places I've been -- more polished and refined inside, if that's what you like. Good bathrooms, too! Hey, you eat food this explosive, that counts for something... And it's air conditioned. Some of the Ethiopian places I've dined in D.C. weren't...

Loved the stews

Loved the stews, vegetables and injera. Didn't like the final bill. The wait staff was not very helpful or friendly. It would have been helpful to offer a fork to those of us that want to get every last bit of the delicious food.

A Great Experience

 A Great Experience. Ate here with a large group of friends recently. The food was tasty, spicy, and filling. It was presented in a traditional style that satisfied everyone involved. A live band played jazz on the stage and they were actually good. I was particularly impressed by the singer's mean bass lines.

The decor was tasteful and comfortable. The only problem we ran into was that our waitress could not speak English well, so she had to seek assistance from another waitress whose English was slightly better. This was but a minor annoyance. We all loved the food and ambiance here and will definitely return in the future. 

Great food

Great food, great service & an overall entertaining evening. They have the best selection of Kifto I have seen to date. I wish I had the appetite to try them all in one sitting. Next time...